Since 2010, our family has been helping heart families through our successful and much loved event, Noah’s Festival of Life, to benefit the Hopeful Hearts Foundation. Since its inception, it has raised over $100,000, in a grass-roots effort, to pay it forward by helping other heart families like ours. Today, we strive to carry on Noah’s legacy of goodwill and continue her work of advocacy for the #1 birth defect worldwide, Congenital Heart Disease.

Awareness through apparel

Noah taught us a lot about life and she did so often through her actions. Our lives were rendered through her eyes, teaching us daily what truly matters—goodwill towards others. We believe spreading awareness of goodwill is so important, especially in today’s climate. Our Live Like Noah line focuses on motivating others to be kind, selfless, brave and to encourage people of all ages to put their best self forward.

Collaborate and provide support

We understand the need for increased collaboration with medical professionals and other organizations to provide financial and emotional support for families dealing with the challenges of CHD, PLE, and Plastic Bronchitis. We believe no gap is too small to fill. By focusing on collaboration and partnerships we can leverage funding to support families, research, training, and education.


Alleviate the expenses incurred for travel to receive treatment for Plastic Bronchitis (PB) or Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). There are currently only two centers in the US that have dedicated programs to treat children and adults suffering from PB or PLE. We know the financial hardship, with no other choice but to fly across the country, to receive care for Noah’s Plastic Bronchitis and PLE. We will offer grants to families, in need, who must travel to receive these lifesaving procedures.

reading is healing

Reading allowed Noah to escape to another world and ‘leave’ her hospital room. It freed her mind from the physical and emotional trauma she faced with every hospitalization. It empowered her to think beyond where she currently was. It also empowered her to write. In Noah’s 13 years, she wrote six children’s short stories. We believe these stories should be in the hands of every child. We believe her stories have the capability, like many books do, to serve as therapy for those in the hospital. It is our goal to publish each story as a fully illustrated children’s book. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Noah’s books will help fund our Reading is Healing program, providing Noah’s short story books to children’s hospitals.

I love to read because it takes me to places I can only see in my dreams.
— Noah Bella