Service to others without any expectation of reward or repayment.

The Indian Spiritual Master, Huzur Majaraj Charan Singh, once said, “The greatest reward in seva is the contentment and happiness that you feel within, that you get an opportunity to serve someone.”

When we read this quote, we can feel Noah. She was so gifted in Seva. For many of us, it takes work for us to achieve that state of mind and to understand the value to selfless service. For Noah, the spirit of Seva was intrinsic to her being. If she could make others happy, if she could provide them some service, some comfort, it gave her great joy, and she never had any expectation of a reward. She saw the good in everyone. She never judged. Her heart always open to love. She was a beacon showing us how to be better—a brilliant guiding light leading us on a path to peace through altruism.

Her guiding principles are what fuel our daily lives and the purpose behind the Live Like Noah Foundation. Through her courage, humanity, creative and adventurous spirit, we continue her work to help others. To raise our voice and continue to help families not only living with CHD but fighting Plastic Bronchitis (PB) and Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE), the diseases that manifested and ultimately took Noah’s life. To work and collaborate with the leading doctors and organizations with the goal of making a positive impact in these families lives. But Noah’s passions did not stop here. Our goal is to evolve over time and expand our missions to take on other important issues Noah was very passionate about; the environment and the animals, as she felt it is our duty to do our part to build a better world.

The “Heart Moth” at the center of the logo represents one’s inner beauty, with its colors representing inclusiveness. Noah was fascinated by moths. She appreciated them for the beautiful creatures they are. Author Neil Gaiman, said so perfectly, “The Moth teaches us not to judge by appearances. It teaches us to listen. It reminds us to empathize.” And in darkness, it seeks the light.

We believe Noah’s message should be shared and worn with pride. 100% of profits from our Live Like Noah shop will go towards our mission so you can feel good about your purchase.

Regardless of how Noah was feeling physically, she had a near infinite capacity to give, work well with others, and be kind to everyone. This is our philosophy, our purpose, and our reasons to Live Like Noah.


Keith Michaelis and Cecile Michaelis


I continue to look at her selflessness and how she taught us to always try and put our best self forward. To live honestly with gratitude and empathy.
— Cecile Michaelis